An innovative leader in atmospheric carbon technologies, COAWAY's unique process for removing CO2 from the air and from point sources provides significant environmental benefits at a dramatically lowered cost, enabling companies to leverage their existing facilities to profitably "go green." COAWAY's solution provides one of the few safe, scalable, and commercially viable negative-emissions options available today, with the added ecological and financial benefit of potentially utilizing the captured carbon in useful, saleable products.
COAWAY's process involves a complete cycle of CO2 capture, isolation, and regeneration of the CO2 aborbent leveraging existing low-quality heat sources such as cooling towers. The process can be cost-effectively deployed at any suitable existing manufacturing or processing facility, and can provide a very rapid return on investment through carbon credits and the sale of the extracted CO2.

What's New!

In 2007 Sir Richard Branson launched the $25M Virgin Earth Challenge for any group that could demonstrate a commercially viable design to remove1B tonnes of carbon equivalent/year from the air. In Nov 2011 after thorough review it was announced that COAWAY is one of the top contenders in this ongoing search. [more]

The COAWAY Process

COAWAY has developed a process for direct extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere and point sources based primarily on the use of existing industrial infrastructure, with waste heat from current industries supplying the energy required for the process. [more]


While our Team is small it has years of practical and theoretical experience that has allowed us to conceive and design a process able to remove CO2 from the air at a cost far lower than any now available. [more]